Police reveal 'crucial' evidences in Ali Raza Abidi's murder

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11:37:23, Wednesday, December 26, 2018

SSP South Karachi on Wednesday has reported an important development in the investigations of former MQM MNA Syed Ali Raza Abidi’s murder.

According to the police reports, the pistol of 30-bore used in the murder of Abidi was also used in another murder.

After the initial investigations, police has expressed the suspicions that the reason of the murder could be parties’ conflict because he was already facing life threats.

On the other hand, the police reports have revealed that the weapon that was used to shot the former MNA had been used to kill a man named Ihtisham in Liaquatabad on December 10.

The investigation team told that the statement of seven including guard has been recorded.

The police revealed, in the CCTV footage seven fire were heard but three bullet marks were evident on the car. This shows the there could be some backup teams with two apparent suspects, report added.

The report told that Ali Raza Abidi left for home early.

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