World Tuberculosis Day is observed today

Shahbaz akmal jhadran , Bol News

09:47:45, Saturday, March 24, 2018

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is being celebrated throughout the world including Pakistan. In Pakistan, the amount of TB patients is 0.4 million, while every year numbers of such patients are on the rise. 

Tuberculosis is also known as TB is such an epidemic which affects the lungs and transfers from one person to another through the air. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 22 countries are affected, out of which Pakistan is ranked at 5th. Every year thousands of people are affected by TB, while women are affected most by the disease that mostly leads to their death. 

National TB Control Program is working in Pakistan for the elimination of the disease, however, due to the lack of specialized medical facilities for TB, the epidemic is out of control and thousands of patients die as a result of it.  

World Health Organization (WHO) says that daily 5000 lives are lost globally, as a result of TB.

According to the statistics, one-third of the patients throughout the world are unable to get the treatment or they are deprived of the facilities of proper treatment. 

Pakistan has been acknowledged as a role model for the struggle regarding the elimination of TB. Pakistan also received USAID Champions of TB award in 2016.

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