Our object is to benefit common man: PM Imran

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13:44:32, Thursday, November 29, 2018

Addressing a ceremony marking completion of the first 100 days of his government on Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said they tried to benefit the common man from their policies.

The prime minister took the nation into confidence regarding PTI's 100 days in power at the ceremony held at Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad.

During his address, Khan credited his wife, Bushra Bibi, for the performance of his government in first 100 days as he took only one day off during this entire period. He said his wife supported him in difficult times.

He said they tried to benefit the common man from their policies in the first three months. The prime minister said the same reason was behind friendship with India as it will help increase trade between the two countries.

 PM’s Adviser for Establishment Division Shahzad Arbab, in a ceremony in  Islamabad, said that the government had managed to initiate at least 18 of the     projects and schemes out of the 36 projects it had announced in May.

  • Establish Asset Recovery Unit and Trace Unlawful Wealth: Task force to recover unlawful wealth established and functioning. Assets Recovery Unit set up in the PM Office and fully operational. Legal Assistance Bill 2018 finalised. Declaration of UK/Pakistan Justice and Accountability partnership. Update on work done by the taskforce published at the end of 100 Days.
  • Draft Local Government Act of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and ICT: Review of Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab LG system with recommended improvements. Proposed blueprint for revamped LG system for Punjab, KP and ICT developed for review. Draft legislation to amend LG law in each province / ICT, and intended timelines for election published is still being worked on.
  • Legal Reforms to Revolutionize Access to Justice: Civil Law and Criminal Law Reforms Taskforces created. Review of Civil Laws completed to recommend amendments to achieve expeditions and adjudication of Civil cases. Initiate draft legislation for Civil procedure. Initiation of Criminal Law reforms. Review of substantive laws completed and procedures in relation to issuance of letters and succession certificates. Legal Vetting of Disability, Corporal Punishment and Torture Bill. Finalisation of legislation for setting Legal Aid Authority under the Ministry of Human Rights.
  • Economic Support Package for Revival of Manufacturing Sector: Economic Support Package for Revival of Manufacturing Sector Announced (Finance Minister. Tariff Policy announced (Commerce Adviser). Backlog of refunds and rebates cleared (Finance Minister) in in progress
  • Naya Pakistan Housing Programme: Housing task force established. Policy framework developed is still being worked on.
  • Framework to establish National Tourism Board: Task force on tourism established. Private Sector investment framework is worked on.
  • FBR reforms roadmap: FBR Chairperson to be appointed (Adviser, Establishment). FBR Reform Blueprint to be developed and launched (Chairman, FBR). Tax Policy to be developed and announced (Finance Minister).
  • Ease of doing business: Economic Advisory Council appointed – Finance. Council of Business Leaders appointed – Advisor Commerce. “Ease of Doing Business” Strategy Developed and Published
  • National financial inclusion strategy implementation plan National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) working group. NFIS implementation plan developed and published. Plan to increase deposit base of banks developed and published
  • National Agriculture Emergency Programme on crops, livestock, fisheries, agriculture markets and conserving water: National agriculture emergency working group established. Complete National livestock emergency working group established
  • National Water Policy: Council of Common Interests meeting on national water. Task force established for the implementation of the National Water Policy
  • Education Blueprint: Federal / ICT strategy on Education developed and published, outlining federal role on education, in line with the 18th amendment
  • Health Blueprint: Federal / ICT strategy on Health developed and published, outlining federal role in health, in line with the 18thamendment
  • Social Protection Programme: Develop new programme to “Reduce Stunting” through the platform of BISP. Develop new programme on “Graduating Poor out of Poverty” through the platform of BISP. Expand education enrolment programme through BISP
  • Action Plan for Women and Girls in the Justice System: Consultations with stakeholders for development of action plan on criminal justice. Action plan on criminal justice developed and execution started. Awareness campaign on inheritance rights launched. Consultations with stakeholders for action plan on inheritance rights with Ministry of Human Rights. Action Plan on inheritance rights developed with Ministry of Human Rights.
  • Increase Pakistan’s regional and global relevance: Key foreign policy issues on which strategy needs to be reviewed by the PM prioritised. National positions, and plans of action on all key issues, and in particular on Kashmir, approved by the PM. Enhance Pakistan’s National Security
  • Launch 10 Billion Tree Tsunami: Restructure existing Task forces on Climate Change and Wildlife to drive Government’s Green Growth Agenda. 10 billion tree Tsunami launched. Urban tree Tsunami launched.
  • Clean Drinking Water Plan (ICT only): Options on clean drinking water developed for ICT. Plan developed and launched.

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