How can we punish someone in the absence of proofs: CJP

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10:43:48, Thursday, November 01, 2018

Commenting on the situation that has arisen after the Supreme Court's verdict in Asia Bibi case, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday said how the court can punish someone in the absence of proofs. 

The remarks came during the hearing of case pertaining to appointment of Islamabad Police Inspector General.

"We can sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)," he said.

He said nobody can tolerate blasphemy of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)  and “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for him. But, how can we punish someone when there is no ground to build a case against them".

The chief justice said "nobody is less devout than others. We are not only the judges of Muslims. 

"Several judges on the bench keep reciting Darood Sharif," he said.

Referring to the written judgment, he said the verdict in Asia case was started with Kalma and Islam was discussed in detail. 

"Our faith is not complete without believing in the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). We have known Allah through the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

During the hearing, the CJ asked the government to fulfill its responsibility to maintain law and order situation following the directions of the prime minister. 

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