Time for election, not accountability: Asif Zardari

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16:06:04, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Former president and co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari has said that it is time for elections rather than accountability. “The cases related to accountability can be run after the elections, we faced accountability, while we were in the opposition”, said Zardari.

Speaking in an interview to a private TV Channel, we have received notice for 1.5 billion rupees, yet it is exaggerated 35 billion rupees. Have faced such cases before as well, and will face the case now as well. “I reject all the allegations leveled against me, if the court summons me, I will be there on the very next day”, added Zardari.

The former president said that politicians never die, only time decide, whether Nawaz Sharif gets a second chance or not.

He added that boycotting elections will be the biggest mistake, whosoever comes has to approach Peoples Party to make a government. However, PPP has never surrendered to the undemocratic forces.

Zardari also vowed that he won’t let anyone to derail the democracy, will listen to everyone, but will do what will be in the interest of Pakistan and PPP.

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