Shahbaz Sharif demands parliamentary commission to probe rigging

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15:12:25, Friday, August 17, 2018

Addressing the National Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif, who lost election for leader of the house against Imran Khan, said people have rejected the 2018 election because it was rigged.  

He requested the Speaker National Assembly to constitute a parliamentary commission to probe the rigging allegations within thirty days.

He said amendments should be introduced into Election Act 2017 in the light of the recommendations of the parliamentary commission so that elections could never be rigged in future.

Leveling allegations of rigging, Shahbaz Sharif said the Election Commission's Result Transmission System failed on the polling day, polling agents were expelled from polling stations and 1.6 million votes were rejected. He said PML-N leaders and workers were arrested before elections.

Shahbaz Sharif said they have pledged to give protection to the democratic system and despite reservations on election results they will never degrade sanctity of the House.

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