Saudi Arabia finally issues driving licenses to women

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04:14:23, Tuesday, June 05, 2018

For the first time in history, the Saudi government has announced to issue driving licenses to the women. Starting from the first 10 women, the government has lifted a ban on female drivers with this move.

According to the announcement by the Saudi government, ten women were issued local driving licenses, after they swapped the ones they obtained from other countries including the US, Canada, Lebanon and other foreign countries.

The licenses were issued to women  after they underwent  driving and eye test at the General Department of Traffic.

Other women are also eying 24 June, as they expect the ban to be lifted for them as well. For this purpose, they are also preparing for the driving license.     

A number of women are also preparing for the online taxi service Uber.

It should be noted that it was announced on 8th May that women will be able to drive cars in Saudi Arabia from 24th June.

A ban was imposed on female drivers of Saudi Arabia in September 2017. However, according to the royal order issued in the same month, it was stated that the restriction of the women to drive will come to an end and directions were also issued to make driving possible for the females. After this royal order, the five institutions started to train the females for driving.

And now women will also be seen driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia, alongside men.

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