Naya Pakistan to have simplicity, zero corruption: President

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12:09:40, Monday, September 17, 2018

President Alvi has said a free and fair system is essential to overcoming corruption, adding that the institutions of accountability should also be strengthened so they can perform their duties without fear. 

He said that the government had shown the desire to make Naya Pakistan and had won the election on this slogan. "In my opinion, the biggest part of Naya Pakistan should be adopting simplicity, elimination of unnecessary protocol and a system free from corruption."

President Alvi further said that, instead of spending on development projects, Pakistan had to take loans to pay off its debt. "According to the law, the loan to GDP ratio should not be more that 60 per cent. However, for the past several years, we have been breaking our own law."

He warned of the dangers Pakistan was facing due to internal and external loans. 

In his address the president highlighted the water crisis in the country, stressing the need to construct dams.

“Balochistan and Sindh are facing drought and global climate change is impacting Pakistan severely,” President Alvi said, adding that population was adversely impacting the environment and focus was also needed on tree plantation.

Speaking on the energy crisis, the president said this could be helped by overcoming electricity theft and line losses along with increasing the means of power generation.

The president spoke on the need to improve the standard of education and empowering women. “Nations cannot succeed without women empowerment. Our women are powerful and hardworking.”

The president said it should be a top priority for the government to resolve the economic crisis being faced by the country. He spoke of industries being shut down and unemployment is at its peak. The president added that inflation had increased in the country owing to an increase in the cost of the dollar, while circular debt was more than Rs1,100 billion.

Commenting on foreign relations, the president said a new phase had begun. “The new government supports CPEC due to its economic gains and for better Pak-China ties. Serious pacts will also be considered with Central Asia for the economy. Pakistan places special importance on ties with Russia and Turkey for regional stability.”

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