Our Ambassadors are Maltreated in Pakistan: US

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06:38:20, Thursday, May 24, 2018

The US has alleged that their ambassadors appointed in Pakistan are maltreated.

While giving a briefing to the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mike Pompeo said that treatment with the ambassadors is a real issue, for which steps need to be taken for combatting the issue.

The US Foreign Minister further said that we are reviewing the economic aid of Pakistan. Pakistan was provided with a lesser amount of funds in 2018, we are further reviewing the remaining funds and these will also be lessened.

It should be noted that a traveling ban was imposed on the Pakistani ambassadors in the US, after which Pakistan did the same to the US Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors of the US in Pakistan must seek permission from Pakistan’s Foreign Office prior to traveling, barring nondiplomatic number plates in the official vehicles of the Embassy, denying the issuance of sims without biometric verification.

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