Mercury hits 44 as heat wave in Karachi kills 65

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15:06:45, Monday, May 21, 2018

A heat wave has killed 65 people in Karachi over the past three days, amid fears the death toll could climb as the high temperatures persist.

The heat wave has coincided with power outages that have made people’s lives miserable. According to sources, over 130 bodies were brought to Edhi morgue, out of which 65 died of heatstroke. Special wards have been set up in hospitals in view of the people hit by heat-stroke.

Faisal Edhi, who runs the Edhi Foundation, said the deaths occurred mostly in the poor areas of Karachi.

“Sixty-five people have died over the last three days,” Edhi said. “We have the bodies in our cold storage facilities and their neighborhood doctors have said they died of heat-stroke.”

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