Smog to blanket Karachi for couple of days: met official

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05:22:27, Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Karachi remained blanketed in unusual smog on Wednesday morning, causing poor visibility and difficulty for drivers in various parts of the city.

Regional Meteorological Centre Karachi Director Shahid Abbas, while explaining the weather in the metropolis, said that fog or smog is formed "when minimum temperature falls rapidly".

"Right now, the land and sea temperature are almost the same, due to which the wind has stopped blowing," he said, adding that this was why "smog has formed in Karachi".

"It will remain for the next two or three days until winds from Quetta start blowing here. Then the smog will disperse and it will get two to three degrees colder," he said.

He ruled out the possibility of rain in Sindh over the next few days.

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